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Walmart Soapbox

Walmart weLet's Dissect this quote: lfare bernie sandersI have not posted to Rural Mom of 3 in a while but I saw this quote and decided that I needed to explain it to people who may not understand what Bernie Sanders is saying – well, at least explain how I understand it anyway.  I rarely shop at Walmart.  The main reason is that I follow produce.  If the produce goes bad within a day or so and I’m not at a farmer’s market, I would prefer not to spend my money there.  I also don’t like Walmart because the more I read about the corporation, the more I find their business practices to be less than reputable.

Let’s dissect this quote

  “Not only is the Walton family the wealthiest family in America. . .”

Sam Walton and his relatives who are shareholders of the Walmart Corporation have the most money in all the family owned corporations in America.  This doesn’t mean that Sam is the wealthiest man in America.  There are individuals out there who may be richer.  But the Walton family, collectively, are richer than any other corporation family in the exact same business set-up.  Make sense?

“middle class Americans are subsidizing Walmart’s employees whose wages are so low that many of them need food stamps. . .  “

What this means is that customers who shop at Walmart are not actually getting the least expensive groceries in their town like they are told to believe.  “But my grocery receipt is less when I go there.”, says Julie Homemaker.  Let me explain:  If employees of Walmart do not get paid enough to take care of their basic necessities with their paycheck, they must go and ask for public assistance.  Where does the government get the money for public assistance??  They take it out of all of our paychecks, pool it together and hand it out in the form of food stamps and Medicaid!!  So, that $2 milk at Walmart is actually costing you more than $2- I would guess it is costing you similarly to the price of milk at your local mom and pop store that is locally owned,  who hires high school kids and retired folks along with that one full time employee who loves it there.  So you are paying less at the store but as the number of qualifiers of food stamps goes up your paycheck will go down to help foot the bill.

So, in my reality:  You pay the same for your milk at Walmart as you do anywhere else.  And while you’re there getting your milk, you pick up a new pair of jeans for you boy that are manufactured to a lower standard than the same brand of jeans you would spend a few dollars more for at a different store who has higher quality standards and then wonder why the knees wore out 2 weeks after you bought them.  (I’m sure that is probably a run-on sentence- my apologies!)

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