I am a mom of 3 boys- one elementary student and two middle schoolers.  We live with my farmer husband who happens to be their daddy too!  Despite running my kids to all their activities, I take care of my husband’s office work,  I am the social director at my church, a 4-H leader of 2 different clubs, active at my boys’ schools, and have started my own business of teaching other women skills to help them save money and grow to be better, stronger women.  So, I do not have time to sit at home figuring out how to keep my house spotless.  Our house is cluttered and it needs a lot of attention!!

I will post before and after pictures as I see fit to.  I ask that if you know me personally that you keep my identity private on my blog.  I’m not doing this so people can feel sorry for us.  I’m not doing this for glory.  I am doing this blog to challenge myself, and those who choose to follow along, to take one babystep at a time and see where we end up in 30 days!

We are lovable and capable and I am proud of you and me for taking on this challenge!


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