What are you giving up for Lent?

I have never done much or thought much about Lent either. . . .the U.B. church did not really push giving up anything but money. . . do you remember the Lent coin cards that we were to fill up and then donate to the church on Easter Sunday? Anyway- something (aka God) has been tugging on me to find my “discipline mojo”- that I’m not going to succeed at much if I can’t be disciplined enough to sacrifice something as a sign of reverence to my God. .. .what better time than during Lent when others are “suffering” (I use that term lightly because it’s really not suffering to give up Coca Cola when compared to Christ’s suffering) at the same time. I’ve never even gone to Ash Wednesday service but am planning to this year. There is a reason this is tugging on me now so I better just fall in line and do what my God and Saviour are asking of me.

Amanda Gunthorp
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