The Buck Stops Here

I just read, in just over an hour, The Young Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews. Andrews is quickly becoming my favorite author and once again he has amazed me with his unique way of teaching life lessons. He motivates me to wipe the dust off my jeans, get up, and go again. He reminds me that I am not alone. Most importantly, he encourages me to continue on my path as a unique, intelligent child of God because there is a purpose for my being on this earth.

The Young Traveler’s Gift was written for teens and I purchased it for my teen, knowing that I loved Andrews and praying that God would use this book to encourage my kid as God has used Andrews to encourage me! I have not even read the grown-up version yet (The Traveler’s Gift), but am looking forward to doing so!

The 7 points he made (without sharing the story because you HAVE to read this book- these points hit home even harder when the story surrounds them):

1. The Buck Stops Here
You and you alone are responsible for the choices you make in your life.
2. I Will Seek Wisdom
Wisdom does not find you, you must seek it out, soak it up, and live in it!
3. I Am a Person of Action
Leading is doing. “Fear no longer has a place in my life”
4. I Have a Decided Heart
You must work in a forward motion with excitement and eagerness to
finish what you start!
5. Today I will Choose to Be Happy
Being grateful in all things causes one to walk in happiness
6. I will Greet this Day with a Forgiving Spirit
Don’t waste valuable time being angry at people who have hurt you
or at yourself for mistakes made.
Forgiveness frees the mind to do great things.
7. I will Persist Without Exception
Having faith means that we focus on the result, not the steps it takes to get there.
By doing so, we will eventually see for real that which we focused on in faith.

Amanda Gunthorp
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