Home Tid Bit of the Day

Here is your knowledge for the day. . . flour weavils lay their eggs in wheat. They are teeny, tiny eggs. When the wheat gets made into flour there is no way to separate the weavil eggs from the wheat (although some mills send it through a spinner of sorts that supposedly obliterates the eggs- I don’t believe them). If the wheat is allowed to sit at warm enough temperatures for long enough, the eggs hatch into little worms. Most of the time the worms go un-noticed. But if left long enough they turn into moths that spin cob webby stuff in the corners of packaging.

How do you prevent worms and moths in your flour (and other grain products)???? FREEZE IT! If you put your flour, oatmeal, etc in the freezer for a couple days, the eggs die.

And for you “slum lords”. . . If a rental gets infested with interesting bugs, you can freeze them too! In the winter, Drain the water lines, etc so you don’t break anything- then open all the windows and allow the inside of the home to get below freezing for a day or so. Any bugs that survive that would not be killed by the orkin man either. . .

Your “just in case you’re ever on jeopardy” information for the day. . . .

Amanda Gunthorp
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