What I NEEDED to hear

www.mercola.com sent me an article today that was NOT what I wanted to hear but was what I NEEDED to hear. Here is an excerpt, you can read the whole article at http://fitness.mercola.com/sites/fitness/archive/2011/10/21/which-sex-exercises-more.aspx?e_cid=20111021_DNL_art_2:

The benefits of regular exercise are so numerous, summarizing them all would easily require an entire book or two, but below are a dozen examples. For more information about how exercise can help you prevent or treat the following conditions, please review the hyperlinked articles:

Boost your IQ and think better Manage arthritis Fight depression Lose weight
Lower your blood pressure Lower your risk of heart disease Lower your risk of diabetes and reverse pre-diabetes Reduce your risk of cancer and improve your chances of recovery
Fight off a cold Cure insomnia Build strong bones and relieve chronic knee pain Slow down your aging process

Two Factors Influenced by Exercise Account for Many of its Health Benefits

While the biological influence of exercise cannot easily be summed up, I’d like to point out two factors that are strongly influenced by physical activity, which helps explain how the benefits of exercise can be so far-reaching:

  1. Exercise reduces your insulin levels and helps normalize your insulin receptor sensitivity, and this is the single most important physical factor responsible for decelerating and preventing nearly every chronic disease known to man
  2. Exercise helps prevent telomere shortening, which drives cellular aging, making it a very powerful anti-aging strategy. It does this by activating the enzyme telomerase, which stabilizes telomeres, producing an anti-aging effect at the cellular level. Research indicates physically active people have significantly less erosion of telomeres than even healthy, non-smoking, but sedentary folks.

Amanda Gunthorp
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