Oh no! Company’s coming!!

Your in-laws, your out-laws, your pastor, your best friend from high school,  that old boyfriend and his family, and Jesus have all called and they will be over for a visit in one hour!!  What are you going to do?  You have been working so hard on de-cluttering that the daily maintenance things like sweeping the floor, keeping the collection of “kid discards” (cereal bowls, garbage, etc) out of the living room, etc  You know what I’m talking about!!

Here’s what I would focus on:

  1. garbage- get it picked up, bagged up, and in the outside trash can
  2. dirty laundry- get it out of the living areas and bathroom and into a basket near your washing machine so it appears you were “just getting ready to start a load”
  3. “the mail”- stack it into a nice pile or basket
  4. dirty dishes- they really do not take as long as we dread that they will- do them and let them air dry
  5. wipe off counters and tables- brush crumbs onto the floor because you’ll sweep next
  6. sweep the floor
  7. get the washrag you’ve been using  and use it to spot mop the floor- then put it in that laundry basket you have by the washer
  8. throw a pretty table cloth on the table and use your salt/pepper as a centerpiece- it will look like you always use a tablecloth!
  9. bathroom- pick up rug and shake it carefully into the toilet- flush.  spray the sink and toilet(including around the base) with cleaner, get a washcloth out and wet it at the tub, then use it to wipe off the sink and toilet, pick up garbage, use that washcloth to wipe up any dirt on floor, spray some air freshener
  10. look at yourself in the mirrror- run a comb through your hair, splash some cool water on your face, change your shirt if necessary, and. . . oops there’s the door bell!!  Go be that beautiful hostess that we all know that you are!!  Welcome them in and say, “I was just getting ready to start the coffee pot (or tea kettle)!  Come on in!  Make yourself to home!!”

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  1. buriedinclutter

    I love you!!!

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