Office Opposition and the Underground Fence

Do you ever look at the “stuff” on your desk and get nauseous at the thought of doing anything about it?  The bills, the filing, the “round to- it” things, you name it!  Today is the day that we are going to take that Office Opposition and run through it!!!

Run through it???  Yes!!  Do you know those underground fences they have for dogs?  The dog wears a special collar with a radio receiver in it and when they get too close a slight electrical charge (aka nausea) zaps them and the average dog turns and runs the other way.  However, the really smart dogs (or really stupid ones, depending on who’s asking) figure out really quickly that if they work up enough adrenaline they can run right through that zap and once on the other side, there is no zap!!

So, sit on your haunches and rock back and forth and when you have created enough “guts” to run through the nausea you know will come when you get close enough to the pile  of filing. . . .  run to the pile and dive right in and run right through it!!  There is no nausea, no zap on the other side!!!


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