Clutter Blinders

Do you have a case of “clutter blinders”? You know exactly what I mean, so don’t get all clueless on me!!! Clutter blinders is a very serious condition that I have been diagnosed with. It’s a vision problem, chronic and debilitating. . . . Let me give you an example of it’s symptoms:

We have an outside entrance to our basement. So, in the winter months we use the basement as the place to hang the barn coats, carhart’s, and let the boots drip dry on the rug. I also store our good winter stuff in the basement during the summer months. I bag it in plastic bags and store it in a special cupboard down there. Well, long story short. . . .I went down to get the clean winter coats and things today and to double check on the boots to see if we needed any different sized ones out. Low and behold my clutter blinders came off for a brief few minutes and I realized that no one ever brought up the barn coats to be washed last spring!! There they hung (and in heaps on the damp basement floor) with last winter’s chicken poo still on them. ~X( at wits' end[-( not talking I HATE THIS DISEASE!!! How many times have I been in the basement since last spring??? The Clutter Blinders closed my eyes to all that mess THE ENTIRE SUMMER?!!!!!????

So, here I go back to the laundry room to do more extra loads that I had not planned on!!

Amanda Gunthorp
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