The Master Bedroom in 10 easy steps

I’m going to post this on a Sunday but do not think this must be done on Sunday. I picked this job for Sunday because to me, it will be a bit more relaxing than some others I could think of! So, rest and enjoy God’s day! My plan is to turn on my local Christian radio station while I’m doing this one and bring some peace to my soul and my bedroom!

1. Go to the dresser/s and closet and pull out anything that you have not worn in the last 1-2 years. Put it in a bag (may be temporary so don’t seal it up yet).
2. Next, put the clean laundry away that you have sitting on top of the dresser, in the laundry baskets on the floor, etc. (this is the stuff you know you’ve worn because it’s out of the dresser!) Be sure to glance at each piece and think for 2 seconds on whether it is worth keeping- if it’s stained, doesn’t fit well, doesn’t make you feel good, etc.
3. Now, I want you to count your clothes- do you have enough? (I’ll do a separate post on what I think is a good number) If you honestly do not have enough, go back to that bag of stuff you have not worn recently. If there is anything in there that you REALLY love, put it back into your dresser. If there is nothing you like in the bag and you still need something- put a note in your wallet that you are saving up $$ for . . . .. and how much it should cost. for a good quality piece.
4. Next tie shut that bag of things you don’t need anymore and handle it like you would any other donation (see Donation Day post)
5. After all the clean stuff is put away, grab a rag (or that towel on the floor that hubby never sent to the laundry) and give the top of the dresser/s a quick dusting and then any other woodwork.
6. Do not take time to change the sheets on the bed, instead spray everything lightly with a fabric refresher spray or spray the air above the bed with air freshener. If you do not have any, mix a small amount (tbl) of fabric softener or hair conditioner in a spray bottle full of water. . . and use this as fabric refresher- VERY LIGHTLY spray (it may leave grease marks if it’s too heavy)
7. Pick up any dirty laundry, garbage, etc off the floor.
8. Smile really big
9. Turn off the light
10. Walk away knowing you have done a wonderful job and I am very proud of you!


God is good- all the time. . . . 40.gif


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