Laundry Lava

If you remember my talking about a camper needing completely cleaned out because of a mouse problem and if you recall that we are family of 5 who is currently attending 2-3 soccer games each week, mom (me) is working 2 part-time self-employed jobs, and is social director of her church. . . . you will recall that we are BUSY and the laundry can get piled up and then erupt like a volcano.  My laundry lava is double it’s normal amount of “flow” because of the camper issue but never the less, it still needs taken care of.  Some before pictures of the laundry room. . .

Clean laundry that needs folded

The Laundry Chute

The 2nd half of the camper blankets

Let me make a few suggestions for you before you take on the seemingly impossible task of Laundry Lava. . .

  1. I plan to do some declutter projects in between and around this laundry project.  I do  not plan to just do laundry for 4 hours straight.  The nice thing about laundry is it can be broken up into chunks!  Keep in mind that if you have a large “flow”, you don’t want to extend this job over more than 2 days or the currently clean laundry will be dirty by the time you get this one half done.
  2. One helpful thing to do while loading the washer and folding. . . look at the clothes for 5 extra seconds.  If they are stained, wore out, stretched out, or the wrong size. . . . DO NOT PUT THEM IN THEIR OWNERS FOLDED PILE!!!  Put the nasty ones directly in the trash (I make a point to rip the trashed ones so that some evil genius can’t come drag them out of the trash and complain that you threw out their favorite undies- instead you can apologize and say, “something must have happened in the washer, I’m so sorry”). Put the wrong size ones in a donation bag.  When the laundry is caught up, take that bag immediately out to your car and drop it off at your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Food and clothes pantry.
  3. Wash similarly colored items and dry similarly weighted items.  My mom used to run a coin-operated laundry business and she is a laundry queen!  Most of the time, I do not follow her “dry similarly weighted items” rule because I’m a washinthemorninganddryatnight kind of gal.  But, I will tell you that she is absolutely right.  Cotton items take longer to dry than polyester/nylon fabrics and those light-weight fabrics dry in minutes instead of 3/4 – 1  1/2 hours.  If you let the light weight items dry by themselves in 10-15 min, there is room for more air circulation around the cotton items you washed with them when you stick them in the dryer after.  More air flow = less drying time
  4. Clear the lint trap before every load!!  Lint decreases air circulation and slows down your dryer’s capabilities.  Dryer lint is a fire hazard.  Doing it every time ensures that you don’t forget whether it’s been 2-10 loads since you did it last.
  5. Don’t be afraid to fold/hang items that have just a hint of dampness around pockets or seams.  They will finish air drying and be just fine.
  6. Don’t try to mate socks as you fold everything.  It wastes time to handle them 2,3, 20 times.  As you come across a sock, throw it in a sock basket.  When everything else is folded, you then have an empty table to lay all the socks out on, making for faster mating!!!
  7. I dare you to stop folding undergarments!!  Just lay them in the person’s pile- UNFOLDED!!  You can do this and it will save you time!!
  8. Once you get the flow of laundry lava taken care of, do whatever you can to wash, dry, AND fold a load a day.  I hate to fold laundry but I reward myself by allowing myself to fold while watching t.v. (CSI season premier was excellent last night, btw- LOL)  Then do your best to “play catch up” on the weekends.

After 1 1/2 hours, I decided to take some pictures of progress and my camera died. . . .so imagine, if you will . . . . .

The dirty laundry is all sorted by color.  My basic “piles” are:

  1. Whites, pastels, and gray in one pile
  2. Reds
  3. Black and Navy blue
  4. Other colors
  5. Towels (I add a towel or two to any load that is not quite full)
  6. Hubby’s work clothes (his clothes are sooooo special they get to be washed separately- lol)
  7. Blankets/sheets

The clean but not folded laundry is now ALL folded except for the socks.  I have a pile of donations.  The washing machine is working on it’s second load since I started.  And, in case you wondered what I did with all my time, the dishwasher is loaded and running too!

YeeHaw!!  I do believe this counts as “cowgirl up”, don’t you????

Okay, folks!!  I done cowgirled up and it’s now 3 hrs into my 4 hr project!!!  I have two black garbage bags of donations that must go today.  So I will do the last hour of this project tonight!!

Make sure you share how your laundry lava went!!!



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