Donation Day

Are you like me?  Do you have little piles here and there of things you hate to throw away, don’t use anymore, and intend to donate to some wonderful charitable organization some day?

Here’s the plan for getting this clutter out of your house. . . .

  1. While waiting for the dishwasher or dryer to get done, grab up an arm load of those donatables.
  2. Put them in sealed black garbage bags or sealed cardboard boxes and immediately take to the back of the van, the trunk of your car, or the bed of your truck.  Why all the secrecy of  packaging in containers you cannot see through?  Because there is an evil in every home. . .. . sometimes  it’s that special person who will notice these things in your vehicle and drag them back into your home when you’re not looking!!!!  Othertimes, it’s that beautiful child who believes that no toy should ever leave them no matter if they are now 10 years old and the toy says “Not intended for children under 3” on it.  Either way, it is evil I tell you. . . true evil!!!  The evil that makes it impossible to declutter!!!   Be thankful that God allowed someone the ability to create black plastic and cardboard boxes with lids!!  Appreciate their talent and use it for what God intended.  . . . to hide things from others!!!
  3. Next, put a sticky note on your steering wheel, in your cell phone, or attached to your purse that says, “Drop off recycling”.  This is to fool “the evil” that you have empty pop cans and milk jugs in the back but you know that you are actually taking these things to be recycled in a slightly different way!!
  4. If you can get to your local donation center in 15 min or less, go there as soon as you have spent 30 min. gathering stuff up- don’t waste time with the clever note.  “The evil” might outsmart our cleverness!!  If you must driver further than that, save your donations for your errand day or for after work.


Go!!  Go now!!!  Go now before “the evil” finds out what you are doing!!  I’ll check back later!





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2 responses to “Donation Day

  1. onerule

    I am busting a gut!!!! I’m taking our stuff to the Church rummage sale today. I’m going to add 2 bunk beds, mattresses (if I can get them loaded), a table someone gave us, 2 barstools, and an extra chair I’ve kept. I wish dh was home with a trailer 🙂

  2. ruralmomof3

    I think you might be busting more than a gut. . . .busting butt sounds more like it!!! You go girl!!! IPOY!!!

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