Kitchen clean up today! (or tomorrow)

We have a hot spot at our house. . . it’s called, the kitchen!! The table is always full, the counters are always full, and the stove never stays clean. . . .. .:( sad

I wonder what I can get done in the hour I have before the kids get home?8-> day dreaming

I’m going to include washing/drying some laundry in this goal too- I’ll save the folding for in front ot the t.v. tonight!

Step 1- start the washing machine
Step 2- start the dishwasher
Step 3- wash the hand-wash dishes
Step 4- gather up newspapers and magazines
Step 5- clear the table
Step 6 wipe the table and any countertop I can get to
Step 7- switch the washing machine and dryer loads
Step 8- put away stuff on the counters

Here we go ladies!! I’ll try and post before and after pictures later! IPOY!!

Later. . . .. I actually had 2 hours before the kids got home and so I did the dishes and then went to my husband’s office and paid bills for an hour. My plan all along was to  return to the house to finish the other steps.  Well, the flu-bug I’ve been fighting all week is hitting me hard today and I am pooped!!  So, I took a nap, some more Tylenol, and then some coffee. . .

Why am I sharing my failure with you?  Because it’s not a failure!!!  It’s merely a side-step called life!  After my nap, my son called from school to tell me he didn’t have any shorts for practice today and so I had to run them to him (this would have been my 3rd trip to the school today and I have another one when it’s time to pick him up). We have an appointment in town tonight too.   So besides the “achy flu” attack, life got busier than I expected and I did not accomplish my goal.   There is nothing to feel guilty about. . . . .life should never be a guilt-fest!!

My plan of action??  Early to bed (with Nyquil) and early to rise (with Tylenol) and hit that kitchen hard before we leave in the morning for that dr. appt that’s 1 1/2 hours from home.  Hubby is driving so if need be, I can nap along the way.  It will all get done eventually!

Fast forward. . . it’s now 4 days later and I am still NOT going to call this post a failure!!

Let me tell you. . . the dr. appt went fine.  We even returned home at the time I expected us too (total trip of 4 hours including travel, dr. office wait, and lunch- amazing).

Then in 2 hours time I packed our camper for the weekend and worked for my husband an hour or so.  We arrived at the campground by 8. . .. . .just enough time to be thankful that our friends had saved us a bite of supper.   We discovered that a mouse had taken up residence in our camper and everything we keep in there needed cleaning.  I worked on the dishes and things while camping and prayed the blankets wouldn’t kill us from inhaling mouse droppings or something (can you tell I don’t like mice??????????????????)

When we arrived back home 99% of the things we keep in the camper had to be brought into the house for cleaning!!!  Can you imagine what my clutter now looks like??????  I didn’t take a picture but I will tell you that the pile of blankets alone was nearly as tall as I am!!!

Needless to say, I spent Sunday night and much of yesterday doing laundry and putting things into storage.  I’m still not done, but besides that I realized that a child was having problems at school and spent a good poriton of my day dealing with that (in between loads of laundry). .. .

So here we are 4 days of NO DECLUTTERING and I’m still plugging along. . . .The one hour project has turned into a mountain. . . .  Has the amount of time it takes to complete the project changed??  Absolutely not. . .Life’s happenings are the only thing that’s changed.

This morning the kids have a fog delay.  I jumped out of bed at 6 because I HAD to get the kitchen presentable before the kids I babysit on fog delay days arrived at 7:30 ish.  After a 30 min dash of putting away and wiping off, the kitchen now looks like this:

Is it spotless and clutter free??  NOPE  The dishes piled up again (of course), sons soccer stuff from last night is still on the chair (because HE gets the privelage of taking care of it this a.m. lol), and a lot of stuff still covers the counters.  But I will tell you the floor has been swept, the counter you can see is clean, and there is room on the table to prep a meal.  Do you see that large coffee cup on the table??  She is a really good friend of mine!!!

This step by step list is mostly completed as well.  I did not take care of the newspaper and magazine pile yet (not in the picture- thanking God I don’t have a panoramic camera- lol) and although the dishes don’t appear to have been done, they were and piled up again.

As a very wise woman once said, “Progress, not Perfection” ~Flylady

Keep the faith, folks!!  We still have time to declutter in 30 days!!!


P.S. The teacher who I babysit for on delay days. . . her school delayed too so my babysitting kids won’t be here. . . God’s sense of humor CRACKS ME UP!!!




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