The unfinished project- Southwest corner of my home office

 Okay, folks!  this space you are looking at is approximately 3 ft long, 3 foot deep (with drawers open), and about 3 ft tall (counting both drawers).  I went through this space a couple weeks ago and threw out the garbage but never got back to putting things away.

My goal is 2 hours for 9 cubic feet (did I do my math right?) of space.

Do you have an unfinished project similar in size?  Give yourself 2 hours and see what you can get done too!

We can do this!!!My 2 hr limit will be up in about 10 minutes and see what I accomplished?????  Now don’t let me kid you. . . .The entire pile that you see in the before picture is not all put back into this 3x3x3 area.  This used to be my “when I get around to it” catch-all.   I have now knighted each drawer with a specific purpose.

  • Top Drawer- Since church stuff and the classes I teach sometimes blend together, I have put both categories in this drawer.  I have also included some 3-ring binders that I refer to often in my home and work life.
  • Bottom Drawer- My kids are involved in 4-H and I lead 2 different clubs.  So this drawer will hold the boys’ records, my records, and things that could be used for club activities, etc.  The nice and sturdy boxes that originally housed cameras and things- the ones that have “for technical support please call this number- the ones that you feel like you shouldn’t throw away- I kept them but now they serve a purpose.  One is for misc office supplies that don’t really have a good home and one is for the manuals for all the cameras and things.  Woohoo!
  • The counter holds a box of CD’s, the box of cables and things to connect our “stuff” to the computer, the boy’s change counter, a lamp, and a SMALL pile of stuff that I should go through very soon and put away.

Check in and tell me what you got done in your 2 hours!!!  I’m soooooo proud of you!!


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