My computer desk

Here’s the next project!  My actual desk is a built in desk that wraps around the corner of my office- I’m guessing close to 10 ft.  This project is just the computer area of the desk- where that stuff piles up as you bring it to the computer to use.  I’m thinking 30 min will tackle this because it’s only a surface project- no drawers.

Take a look at your computer area and see what you can accomplish in 30 minutes!Well, how’d you do???  I was quite surprised at how quickly I cleared off this desk surface!!  It actually took less than 30 minutes so I continued down the full length of my desk/counter.  I managed to clear this area and the surface on down (total surface of like 2×5 area) in 40 min.  I did make my pile of “to put away right away” slightly larger but only because my timer dinged!  Here’s an after picture of the remaining portion of my desk/counter that was previously completely covered with papers and things- the counter- top was barely visible before!  The strangest thing I found on this project was the roll of wrapping paper that had fallen onto the window sill you can see in this picture.  I had forgotten it was even there!!

How’d you do????  IPOY!!!



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2 responses to “My computer desk

  1. onerule

    I did my desk yesterday 🙂 I plan to hit the chest that holds the shoes . . . talk about a disaster. I’ll hit that tomorrow!

  2. onerule

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

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