Can I/We do this?

I just finished reading yet another email from my girlfriends that we are once again tired and disgusted with our inability to keep our homes clutter free.  I read their notes and started to write an encouraging reply and then it hit me. . .


My inner brat needs to be able to enjoy herself while she is doing the things that God really is laying upon her heart to get done.   Moping around, feeling guilty, and making ones self tired with depression and worry about the state of one’s home is not of God.  We need a challenge.  We need fun!

In 32 days, we have friends coming for an extended stay and I know they would love to come no matter the state of our home but I am going to use them as my goal.

Won’t you all join me on my journey?  Check in often!  Use what I did today for your goal/assignment for tomorrow!  Subscribe to my blog and use it to encourage you!



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3 responses to “Can I/We do this?

  1. buriedinclutter

    I did it!!!!! 5 min main floor of the house…. 1 walmart size bag. nothing too out of the ordinary or embarrassing to share. I just opened up my closet door and about had a panic attack when I heard the timer go off………whew! saved by the bell!!!! 😉

    Thanks girlfriend! I need this!

  2. buriedinclutter

    🙂 I A S P O Y!!!!! Your desk and drawers look beautiful!!!! I will take the desk challenge but in all fairness, I don’t really have a lot of space but the “office” stuff has spread to the counter right next to the computer and looks horrid! We shall see!

    you’re the best!

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