Down on the Farm

Thought I’d share some photos of our extended barn family!

Eggs laid today from our Aracauna’s, Iza Reds, and Bantam hens. . .

  Buddy the Bantam Rooster

 Bill and his wife, Aflac

  Young Tom Turkeys and. . . .

Their Princess below. . .

  The Prom Queen Hen

  Leo the “Lion” who came to live with us when someone left him on our steps a few years back!  We think he was a show cat at one point in time- he was definately well-cared for. . . .poor thing took a long time to adjust to living in the barn. . .

  Sassy was an orphan 1 1/2 years ago- bottle fed, wiped her bottom, and taught her how to be lovely!!  And look what she did. . . .

  6 little kittens lost their mittens and they began to cry. . . then they realized that “Little Boots” still had his!  3 orange tabbies (one named Banana), 1 gray tiger (Gray Gray), One black/white named Skunk (white stripe on it’s head), and then Little Boots.  My mom has placed dibs on the black ones. . . which ones would you like to adopt?  Available in 6 weeks!

  “Thing One” and her “ready to have them on their own” little bunnies.  Seven of them and she is ready to have them in their own pen.  Hope she can be patient for a couple more days!  I need to build another pen!

  Here’s Ice- her babies are still in their nest.  Let’s see if she’ll let us take a photo!  There’s 8 all together but aren’t these two just too sweet!!

  And last but not least, Zoe!  Our beautiful latest addition to the farm!  She actually sat still for a whole 3-5 seconds so I could take this picture!  Isn’t she cute?!!


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