Jelly Belly Company has outdone themselves Again!!

 I took my kids to the candy store the other day.  An old fashioned candy store where you can spend as little as .50 or as much as you want to buy old fashioned treats and new, fun things that are on the market.  We came home with a box of Bean Boozled Jelly Beans from Jelly Belly!   These are the newest endeavor by this company- that I have seen anyway- and they are the cream of the crop in gag gift fun! 

The back of the box reads:  Caution!  These jelly beans may look alike but they could not taste more different from each other.  Think you can tell them apart?  WE DARE YOU!!

The box is filled with at least 2 jelly beans of every color.  One of the identical jelly beans is a traditional Jelly Belly flavor but the other one is far from it!  Is it a peach flavored jelly bean or is it barf?  Is it banana flavored or pencil shavings?  Is it buttered popcorn or rotten egg?  I kid you not- these are excellent!!    The Jelly Belly flavor scientists have truly outdone themselves. . .   You know those traditional flavors that are so true to actual flavor that you swear you can nearly feel the texture of the actual thing that the flavor is supposed to be?  Well that wonderful science has turned out some really nasty flavors that are the perfect gag gift for every jelly bean lover out there!  Imagine tasting canned dog food, moldy cheese, or baby wipes in jelly bean form!!!  Enjoy!!


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