The last couple days have been some of those rain cloud days- you know where it seems there is a rain cloud hanging over just your head and not anyone else’s. . . This morning, after dealing with a sidetracked little boy who nearly missed the bus, I sat down to put our photos on CD from the computer. As I was double checking to make sure the photos actually did transfer like they were supposed to, I fell upon picture after picture that made me smile or brought “happy tears” to my eyes. Pictures of vacations, pictures of beautiful scenery in my own back yard, pictures of my boys being silly or proud or just sweet, pictures of a smiling husband or happy niece, pictures of our now-in-heaven dog, you name it- they were all there. They helped remind me that life is really all about perspective.

Yes, there are days when you have a scary dentist appt, a tantrum child, a traffic ticket, a mess at the BMV, too much money spent, an argument with the spouse, worry about sick people, a mountain of laundry where a small pile used to be, meat that leaked all over your refrigerator, and a messy house to come home to. But, should all this ruin my outlook on life? No, it should not. . . .

It’s all perspective!! God pours a lot of goodness into our souls and it’s up to us to make sure we let that goodness pour back out and share it with those around us. . . . .even during those irritating, aggravating, stressfull days when life hands us too much extra!

Today, if you need perspective- go look at your old photos or movies and remind yourself that it will be okay. God made sure the sun came up this morning and He made sure the birds survived the winter- this is proof that He will also make sure those made in HIS image will not only survive the next 5 min. but also the rest of the day and then He’ll turn around and do the same thing again tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that and the day after that. . . .

God is good- all the time. . . . 40.gif


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