Clean out your dryer!!

Our vintage dryer has not been running right. First the timer quit timing things and then it acquired a horrible sqeaking noise so I stopped using it. My husband had some time today and decided to check it out. He’s going to order some parts and we should be good as new. BUT, we discovered that the Good Lord has had his hands on our dryer. . . inside the main cavity of the dryer where the motor, heater, etc are located, lint builds up just like in the lint trap. Hubby found black lint up against the heater! Black as in, trying to catch on fire, singed lint!! Thank you Jesus for breaking my dryer!!!

PLEASE check yours today! If you pull the dryer out from the wall so you can see the back, there are just a few screws that hold the back in place (at least that’s how it is on ours). Anyone can take this back off. Unplug your dryer, remove the back, and use your vacuum sweeper hose attachment to clean in there. Ours was pretty built up so I will take some out with my hand and then vacuum with our hand held vac. . . when I can figure out where the kids left it. . . .

Until then, I’ll continue using my drying rack!


God is good- all the time. . . . 40.gif


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  1. kathy Linvill

    So right, Amanda! When we got a new dryer, I was amazed at all the lint in the exhaust hose when Steve detached it . . and I clean the lint trap frequently!

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