Seven Pounds

We watched Will Smith in the film Seven Pounds on DVD last night.  I have yet to find a movie he has acted in or produced that I don’t like.  One of the main reasons that I like his films is that there is a life lesson in every one- something to think about and learn about yourself- something that makes you understand where that character is coming from( and why) that will help you be a better person for having witnessed Will Smith’s interpretation. 

I have watched a few interviews with he and his family as well and find it amazing that despite all the craziness they have to endure by being celebrities, they still are able to set a good example on marriage, children, and being human.  I don’t know them personally.  I don’t have a hidden camera in their house to know for a fact that they actually walk their talk but it appears to be so.  That impresses me!

Anyway, back to this movie- Seven Pounds.  It amazes me how simple choices in life can turn our lives inside out and mess up our thinking to the point that we make some even worse choices thinking that the recent choice will redeem us from the poor choice we had done in the past.  What’s even worse than that is how sometimes our mind plays tricks on us and refuses to allow us to see the opportunities that are right in front of us.  Something bad happens, our life changes, and we suddenly are thrown into this great suction of the poor-me-tornado.  It sucks us in, spins us around, makes us think we are doing the right thing because we are horrible and it would be impossible for us to do anything differently, messes us up royally, and then spits us out- leaving many people who love us left to clean up the pieces of the things we ruined. 

In reality- poor choices happen to all of us.  Poor choices force us into making yet another choice.  They can stop us in our tracks and we can become horribly sour people or these poor choices can move us into an opportunity to change.    I think, sometimes, people feel so bad for the choices we make that we believe we are too bad for the healing power of redemption. 

God is a very big god.  His healing rain is out there, ready, and available for even the most wretched of souls.  Even for Tim Thomas. . . .  No amount of donations or regrets can heal guilt and grief- only God can.

So how am I different from having watched this film?  I have renewed strength and determination to keep pushing ahead with my little “I think I can” engine.  No amount of life changing events can over-power the Almighty God who has set my plan in motion.  Your life events and choices can not over-power Him either!


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