This Thanksgiving. . . .

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for so many things but freedom of information is way up there in my top 1000 some where. As an American Farm Wife and Mother I am often concerned more than the average consumer about what goes into the food we eat. So many farms are forced to produce things a certain way by many outside forces be it nature, pressure from seed producers, USDA or whatever. In order for us to make enough money to keep our equipment running and food on our table, we often-times have to do things differently than we would if the world were perfect and our products were merely bought and sold based on supply and demand instead of the government claiming to “help us” feed the world with their hand outs and regulations and certain seed co’s forcing us to sign contracts that forbid us from farming the way our ancestors did. Because of this messy occupation, I am thankful for producers like those mentioned below who were able to make the leap to a cleaner food and still be able to make their financial ends meet. By the way- the opinions I express here may or may not be that of my husband or anyone else in my neighborhood- it’s just how I see it!

The article below came from It’s a list of Dairy Product producers who are using only milk produced by cows who are not injected with genetically modified hormones. If you want to read what the difference is between these cows and those that are injected go to

Top rBGH & rBST-Free Processors

Number: Rank by total dairy sales (2006)
P: Partially rBGH-free
C: Completely rBGH-free

1. Dean Foods ( P)
5. Kroger (C) (as of 2/08)
6. Dairy Farmers of America (P)
7. HP Hood (P)
11. Darigold (P)
12. Prairie Farms Dairy (C) (as of 2/08)
14. National Dairy Holdings (P)
16. California Dairies, Inc. (C)
18. Safeway Dairy Group (P)
30. Publix Super Markets (C)
42. Tillamook County Creamery Assoc. (P)
43. Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc. (C)
53. Stonyfield Farm, Inc. (C)
58. Michigan Milk Producers Assoc. (C) (as of 2/08)
59. Wilcox Farms (C)
72. BelGioioso Cheese Inc. (C)
73. Cloverland/Green Spring Dairy (C)
74. Smith Dairy Products (C)
85. Oakhurst Dairy (C)
88. Wawa Dairy (C)
92. Joseph Gallo Farms (C)
97. Oberweis Dairy Inc. (C)


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