Things I’ve learned working with my children’s school

  1. If I want to know what’s going on with my child, it is my responsibility to ask.
  2. I am not “just a parent”. I am a fellow professional who is training my children during the off-hours.
  3. If I present myself as a fellow professional and treat school staff as such , I will work toward’s the betterment of my child’s education in a much quicker manner.
  4. It is a true statement, “The squeeky wheel gets the oil”.
  5. I am my child’s own best advocate- their teachers have 20-90 students to advocate for; I have only 3.
  6. If I go to the school with a complaint, I am heard much more loudly if I acknowledge the staff as capable people who may have overlooked something. They are humans, not machines.
  7. The cafeteria does the best they can within the parameters they are forced to work under
  8. There are different funds for different departments of the school. What appears as excess spending in one area and a spending freeze in another is most likely due to funds being available for one thing and not for the other. There is more than one piggy bank.
  9. It’s good to keep the principal in the loop.
  10. School staff appreciate your support, your presence, and your thanks.


God is good- all the time. . . . 40.gif


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