Save $208 (or not)

I get the local paper and like Sunday papers everywhere, today is the coupon edition!! People everywhere wait patiently for Sundays so they can get those coupons and save, save, save!

At the newspaper vending machine at our local gas station today, it read “Save $208 in coupons”. Now that is impressive isn’t it!! Isn’t it???? Can you really save $208 dollars on your grocery bill with those coupons? Well, technically, the answer is yes but there is a catch. This catch is why I am EXTREMELY cautious about my coupon usage. This catch is why I am not (necessarily) a coupon advocate. This catch is another way that manufacturers are trying to trick you into being dumb. This catch is something that I know you are smarter than. You can be good stewards of your grocery dollar.

The catch is that you can only save all that money if you actually buy every single item in the coupon section, pay full price for it, and then save the coupon amount. Well, duh? (you are all staring at the page like you expected me to say something that you didn’t already know, aren’t you???)

The problem with that is that the coupons are merely a ploy by the manufacturer to get you to buy their products- products that you don’t normally buy- products that you might not like- products that may not be good for your family- products that might not be in your price range. . . ..even with the coupon!!

Example: pancakes and waffles cost mere pennies to make- I haven’t calculated it recently but for 8- 4 to 6 inch pancakes I’m guessing it costs .05 each from scratch (total .40) and maybe .20 from a box mix (total 1.60). If you buy the frozen ones, they are around 2.89 or so a box for the namebrand ones that you would get a coupon for. If it’s a .50 coupon, your price would then be 2.39. Do you see the difference in price? Even with the coupon you are still spending more.

Now imagine if you did this for every item in your grocery cart! Even at $1.00 extra for each item, a cart with 50 items in it would be $50 EXTRA dollars that were spent on things that could have been purchased cheaper in the storebrand or made from scratch WITHOUT a coupon.

So, for today’s lesson I want you to do the following:

  • Look through the coupon section
  • Cut out only the coupons for things you would buy without a coupon- things that you need the namebrand for (example- we have sensitive skin and must use Suave shampoo)
  • Look at the coupons for things that you would enjoy if you could afford them or that you would like to try
  • Those coupons can be cut out and only used when something is already on sale or clearanced priced or being sold at a sratch/dent store.
  • Don’t forget to use the ones you really do need!


God is good- all the time. . . . 40.gif


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