On Class Reunions. . . . . .

I was blessed enough to get to go to two class reunions this summer- one was the school I attended most of my school career but didn’t graduate from and the one last night was where I graduated. . . . . Anyway, I hear a lot of people say, in reference to class reunions, that they don’t want to go because of so and so and their old heart-throb from back then or they are worried that they still won’t fit in or they are different now and don’t know how people will take them. I remember 10 years ago coming home from that reunion and thinking, “really, we all have a lot in common- we all just want to raise our kids to the best of our abilities and look back on our lives and know we did a good job”. This year it was that exact same feeling except better. I heard a lot of comments like:

  • I’m looking into doing this or that but if it doesn’t work out I know God has bigger plans
  • I never thought I would be doing thus and so but here I am and loving every minute of it
  • My kids are are so unique and I just want them to feel comfortable in their own skin
  • I’m doing what I always dreamed of doing and it’s still awesome
  • I don’t want my kids to feel like they don’t fit in like I did when I was in school because 20 years later it doesn’t even matter what clothes I wore or what hairstyle I had.
  • I remember how hard it was growing up and I am so glad that I had the support of good friends
  • I remember thinking how badly I wanted to get out of this place and now I can’t imagine being anywhere else

It’s like we’ve all settled in to who we are are as people- FINALLY! We are who we are and that’s a good thing and we don’t much care if it’s not what you, or anyone else, expected.

When I was in high school my girlfriend and I categorized our classmates into groups:

  • athletes
  • cheerleaders
  • geeks/nerds
  • band “fags” ( I was one for a time so I can use that term-lol)
  • brains
  • and “OTHER”

I’m sure there were other “groups” but those are the ones I remember. After quitting band, I joined the “other” group. We were those kids who were not athletic, were not the smartest, and were not exactly any of the other groups so we titled ourselves “other”. 35.gif

Today- 20 some years later those cliques have all but disappeared! I’m not kidding! Sure we still visited the most with people we hung out with in school but I noticed quite a bit of jumping from one group to the next and enjoying hearing that we were all doing fine and life was good! I also noticed how nice it was to see people, just to see them. There are times, in a 20 year period, when you occasionally think, “I wonder what so and so is up to and if they’re okay”. For all of us who showed up, we’re all okay and we hope that those of you who didn’t show up are okay too!

Life is about the living. It’s about the moments that take your breath away. It’s about loving every minute of it! I consider myself blessed to have 2 high schools that claim me as family and doubly blessed that so many of you have overlooked what immature stuff we did in the past and are able to look at the present and say, “it’s good- it’s all good”.

To the class of 1990- I salute you!


God is good- all the time. . . . 40.gif


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