Back to School Routine

School is either back in swing or nearly back in swing for most people by now. My girlfriend, BMc, was wondering about a routine to help with all the chaos. I had mentioned to her that I had jotted one down, and of course, she wanted to see it 25.gif03.gif. Then she told me it was so good that I should put it on my blog! There will be more information at the bottom as well. . . .

Kid’s Routine

6:00 Mom up

6:30ish Boys up and dressed to shoes

7:15 Breakfast (hopefully as a family)

7:30 ish Brush teeth, gather stuff for day

7:40 Get on Bus

3:30 Home/ Snacks

4:00 Chores, when done can play until 5

5:00 Homework or reading/writing time

6:00 Supper (as a family)

7:00 Inside for night, straighten rooms/living room, baths, etc

8:00 #3 boy in bed

8:30 #2 boy in bed

9:00 #1 boy in bed (all 3 can earn later bedtimes by doing routine and getting up w/o complaints)

10:00 Mom/dad bed

Mom’s Routine

6-8 UP, breakfast, boys, bus

8-10 feed animals, outdoor work

10-12 office work/house work

12-2 lunch, clean up around house

2-4 me time (aka nap/computer time lol), make snack for boys

4-6 help boys, make supper

6-8 supper and clean up

8-10 straighten upstairs and boys to bed

Keep in mind that I am a stay-at-home mom with a self-employed husband. I am not only chief cook and bottle washer, I am also chief operating officer and chief veterinary. I also did not take into account grocery day but my intentions are to do this somewhere between 10 and 2 one day a week. Saturdays are catch up day and Sundays are rest days.

AND don’t any of you think for a minute that this is set in stone and I have little soldiers running around here. I don’t! Period. . . . I have a hyper kid, an anxious kid, and one who lacks self-control, and a husband who works long hard hours and often times needs me at a moments notice to drop everything and come help. This is only a guide. This gives us some idea of what needs to take place in order for any semblence of peace to come over our home. This routine will NEVER be executed and completed to perfection. HOWEVER- the boys will earn later bedtimes and extra curricular activities when they follow this decently and do their best in school. You also probably noted that my routine is in 2 hour blocks of time. I did this to help me remember that it will not be perfect. I have this idea in my head about how a peaceful day should go and when it doesn’t I tend to throw everything out the window. 2 hour blocks with ideas for what needs done is doable- very doable without that stringent, Capt VonTrapp perfectionistic thinking attached to it.

These routines also do not take into account evenings when there are meetings, etc. I think about those days as “everything done by 5:30 so we can eat and be out the door by 6” kind of days. Everything meaning- chores, homework, etc.

Take this, use it, enjoy the school year!


God is good- all the time. . . . 40.gif


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