Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, and a Lego Box

They don’t mix.. . . . Did you know that hot dogs, ice cream and a Lego Box don’t mix??????

My 3rd born, bless his heart, told me he wasn’t feeling well last night but he’s been a whiner at bedtime for like a week and so I told him (in not a very kind manner) that I wasn’t hearing another word and bed was the best place for boys who were “not feeling well”.

So, off he went. . . . . Only to return a short time later. His return was a quick bound down the stairs right as I was about to sit down in my recliner for the first time all day. . . . . He got to the bottom step and before I could tell him to turn around and go back up, I heard this horrible splat. . . . He was vomitting. . . . . . for the second time!!!!

Apparently “it hit him” in his bedroom and he grabbed the closest thing to a bucket he could find. A storage box from the Lego company. A storage box that is quite small but none-the-less manufactured to current safety standards. . . .. . .with 2, yes two, air holes in the bottom. This box is barely big enough for a baby’s head, let alone large enough for someone to suffocate in! Because of this awesome safety feature on the improvised “upchuck bucket”, there were big splats of the nasty smelling mix of sour milk ice cream with sprinkles and hot dog “juice” on every stair step and every foot of ground covered between his bedroom and the down stairs bath tub.

Today’s lesson? When training young children to recognize that “vomit is coming up very soon” feeling, please point out to them which “buckets” commonly found in your home are for holding liquid and which ones are not. In our home you will commonly find ice cream pails and cofee cans in children’s rooms from the last time they thought “it” was coming but managed to keep “it” down!

Smile and have a great day! 26.gif

BTW- I mean no disrespect to present day safety features- they are necessary but when things like this happen, you’d just like to tell those “safety folks” that they can take their hair-brained ideas elsewhere!!!


God is good- all the time. . . . 40.gif


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  1. shanan

    Just a note white wicker pretty trash cans often found in little girl’s room those especially with pink and orange striped fabric liner also do not hold vomit either. Just in case you were curious

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