The softer side of parenting

Today’s challenge: At the dinner table tonight, if the children have not completely zapped you of any strength you had left (if so, save this challenge for another night- lol), ask them this question, “Think about our neighbors, friends, and even strangers who may need a helping hand. Which one would you choose to help if you could and what would you do?”

Let their imaginations go wild and then help them figure out a way to help someone that is tangible and within the reaches of your family. It might be a simple “doorbell and ditch” where you make up some cookies (or buy some- lol), take to their house, ring the doorbell, and hide. Or it might be more extravagant like having a garage sale and donating the money to someone or something.

We need to teach our children how to be more like Jesus and showing compassion for those in need is a perfect way to do this! It teaches wonderful lessons in humility, gratefulness, and kindness.

A couple of examples:

My oldest (yes, the child who has been giving me the most “fits” lately) and his class at school was going to have a fund raiser to make money for an end of year pizza party. Instead, they decided to hold the fund raiser and give the money to a benefit that is going on in our community to help pay the medical bills of an alumnus from their school who recently came back home after 6 months of rehab from falling off a 60 ft silo. (yes, he survived! God is good!)

I know a wonderful little family in a quaint little town. Every year at Christmas, mom asks the kids who they want to help out. Last year, the children chose the grouchiest, meanest, neighbor in their town. A neighbor who doesn’t have much of anything and who would not accept charity from his neighbors either. So, the kids and mom went to the store and filled a paper grocery sack with groceries and did the doorbell ditch method of “being like Jesus”. Proud folks can accept help if it falls from the sky, right? You better believe it!

When you have completed this challenge, please drop me a comment of your creative idea!! I’d love to hear about it!!!


God is good- all the time. . . . 40.gif


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