Confessions of a Frazzled Mother #1

If I can maintain my sanity long enough to remember that I started this numbered (as in ongoing, need to add things now and again- get this hammered into my brain so I won’t forget. . . . ) column in my blog, I will add things to it as I “feel the need to confess my sins”.Today’s confession is:I hate doing dishes: I hate most every kind of housework except helping other people with theirs. I can scrub my parent’s bathtub, vacuum their rug, and do their dishes like I were a professional. I can help a girlfriend declutter as if I’d been through some kind of self-help group for hoarders. But I HATE cleaning up my own mess which is why my kids can’t seem to pick up after themselves either. . . . .I won’t mention their father’s bad habits because he might cancel my blog if he discovered I shared “family secrets” that actually involved him.

OH WAIT- that wasn’t really my confession for today. . . .. . see I’m already too frazzled to even stay on task!

Today’s REAL confession- because of the above I have been trying to turn over a new leaf. I have been trying to keep the clean dishes put away and trying to put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher as they get dirty instead of waiting for the sink and counter to overflow. Good idea, right? I thought so too! But let me tell you what happened this morning. . . . .

The kids had a fog delay and a few minutes before the bus came my middle child decided to grab one more glass of milk. I wasn’t paying attention, and it didn’t even dawn on me until after he got on the bus but. . . . he opened the dishwasher (you know the former location of clean glasses), grabbed a glass, and filled it with milk. He took a drink and said that it tasted a little funny. I remembered my husband mentioning that the milk tasted a little stale (you know that “left on the counter too long but it’s still safe to drink” stale taste?) so I told middle son what dad had said. He replied that it was kinda sweet tasting. I thought that seemed to be a different description than his father but noted the particular child in question typically is slightly “different” than most. He finished the milk and went out to the bus. After they got on the bus, I went into the kitchen and decided to put the breakfast dishes into the dishwasher. When I pulled the rack out, a glass fell over. Some sections of the rack are not flat and if a glass doesn’t have another one right next to it, it will fall over. Because of this, I am careful not to put glasses in those sections unless they have another glass to lean on. . .. . . hmmmmmmmmm- Why would that glass have fallen over? Why would I have put it there? thinking. . .. . processing. . . . . please wait. . . . . hit the back button. . .. . OH MY GOODNESS, 2nd born got his glass for his milk out of the dishwasher!!!!!!!! It probably had juice in it prior to him using it for milk!!!! No wonder he said it tasted sweet!!!!!

The confession is. . . . . . I won’t be telling him and neither had you!!!!

Have a great day and remember you are not alone in the parenting thing called life! If you have a confession, please share it!!


God is good- all the time. . . . 40.gif


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