Parenting- It’s a job not a friendship. . . .

After a difficult week or so of trying to teach some hard lessons to my kids, we, the parents to these 3 heathens, succeeded with the ever important “follow through” and WON!!!
Here’s the short version of the past 10-14 days:

  • You don’t show responsibility and share with the household chores without whining, your mom will cancel your party that you’ve been looking forward to- even if she already invited people!
  • Be rude or disrespectful and you will run laps around the house with no warnings!
  • Run those laps in your socks without shoes and you will run them again- no questions asked.
  • Lying ALWAYS gets you in more trouble than the thing you lied about.
  • When you get in trouble and refuse to accept the consequence you will get banished to your room until the consequence is completed.
  • When you just suck it up and take your punishment, life is so much easier afterwards!!

The life-long parenting lessons to be remembered by all parents out there are:

  • My mom always told me to mean what I say and say what I mean.
  • My father in-law says you have to get their attention and you have to keep at them until they do what you said.
  • My husband says to never threaten with something if you’re not willing to follow through on the threat.

Don’t give in, parents! Stay calm, breathe deep, and repeat after me, “I love my children, I love my children, I love my children”


God is good- all the time. . . . 40.gif



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3 responses to “Parenting- It’s a job not a friendship. . . .

  1. Brenda J Willes

    should share this on family life radio ( ) the discussion for today is teaching school age kids responsibility. I like your ideas. may have to implement immediately!

  2. Monica

    Oh it’s been the exact same thing here. Both kids got a spanking for what in and of itself was a minor incident. But both children had deliberately disobeyed me so even though what they did wasn’t incredibly bad, they were punished for disobedience. And in our house, the punishment for deliberate disobedience is a spanking, no questions asked. And I felt like a rotten mom. I really didn’t want to spank either one of them but knew I had to! And then I started to second-guess my parenting skills. Thanks for the reminder that I’m doing the right thing!!!

  3. ruralmomof3

    IPOY (I’m proud of you), Monica!!!

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