God not greed. . . . .

Luke 12:15 (ICB) “Jesus said to them, “Be careful and guard against all kinds of greed. Life is not measured by how much one owns.”

My morning devotions from the Girlfriends in God ezine focused on the above verse. They spoke of a great Bible teacher, Howard Hendricks, and how he seemed to really live that piece of scripture. He was asked about this one time and said that he was taught by his parents that everything in their house was either an idol or a tool and how he chose to use the things was up to him.

This struck me. Just the other day I was visiting with an acquaintance and asking how an in-law relative of hers was doing. The relative is the owner of a very large farm operation. His business farms thousands of acres of grain each year. She and I were talking about how much the business has grown in the last several years and I surmized that he was probably so busy managing everything that he probably didn’t even get to be in the field or a tractor anymore. In actuality, he arranges his employees schedules in such a way that not only does he get to be in a tractor now and again but the employees get to switch around and different jobs as well. I loved this!!

This man is really quite amazing. Those who know him know exactly what I mean. He is a good modern-times example of what Mr. Hendricks spoke of. This modern farmer not only takes good care of his employees but he also has used his success to better his community, one little person at a time. If you spend any time conversing with this man, you will discover his uncanny ability to turn questions you might ask him about himself or his work into questions about you. He truly cares about those in his life and his success in life can be totally and fully associated with his faith in God. God has truly blessed him for keeping his life focus on God and not greed.

Further down in this passage Luke gives more advice on how to live our lives outside of the realms of outside appearances. Here’s my paraphrase of Luke 12: 22-34:

Don’t fuss about what kind of food you put on the table or what kind of clothes are in your closet. There is more to life than what is in your belly and what is on your back. Birds are free and unfettered, they are not tied down to a job that would be needed for special food or clothes. Birds are carefree in the care of God.

Has anyone who fussed in front of the mirror about being short, ever grown an inch? If fussing doesn’t help fix the problem, why fuss? Go out and look at some wildflowers in the field. They don’t fuss with their appearance- but have you ever seen color and design quite like it? The best-dressed people in the country look shabby compared to wildflowers. If God gives sugh attention to the wildfloweres, most of them never even seen by people, don’t you think he’ll attend to you, take pride in you, do his best for you?

Just relax!!! Don’t be so preoccupied with the getting that you don’t respond to God’s giving. You know God and how he works so there is no reason to worry about this stuff. Immerse yourself in the reality, intitiative, and provisions that God has given to you. Every single need you have will be met. You’ll not miss out on anything because wants to give you His whole kingdom!

Be generous! Give to those in need! Invest in God.

Have a great day!


God is good- all the time. . . . 40.gif


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