A case of the “less thans”

Let me share a story: I took the boys to the garage sale today. Spent an hour with mom’s who were missing teeth, a lady w/ a permanent trach, an obese gentlemen who probably is barely able to walk to his car unassisted, a lady on O2 and wheelchair bound w/ heart failure, some overwhelmed g-mas taking care of their grandkids, and my MIL met me there. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Then I ate lunch with my folks, my kids, mom’s friend and her family who mom hired to help get the shop ready for open house next week. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

I took my 3 boys to the grocery store and narrowly managed to take my sanity back out of the store with me. But they were decent so I’ll call it good! When we were almost done in the store, this beautiful woman comes in pushing her cart. Let me describe her to you:
Tall like maybe 5′ 10″ but wearing 3 inch heeled boots. She had her jeans tucked into her perfect boots- jeans that fit exactly like they were supposed to. She had her smooth shirt tucked in with a beautiful belt and scarf gracefully swooped around her neck and over her shoulder. Her makeup was perfectly done and she had those pouty Angeline Jolie lips. Deep eyeliner, smooth skin like you see on the Cover Girl commercials. Her hair was perfectly hot rolled into a shoulder length do similar to a style Melanie Griffith wore not too long ago. She was pushing that cart through the produce like she was walking down a runway- head held high, perfectly poised and elegant. I immediately started feeling “less than” but I thank God for allowing me the blessing of seeing this “vision of perfection” on a good day. Good day’s where my brain immediately shuts off the “less thans” happened nearly instantaneously today! I felt the “less thans” for a second or so, felt frumpy, disheveled, overwhelmed, ugly, weird, and old all at once. And just like the traction control on my van- my brain stopped the less -than wave length and put my other wheels into turning even harder. Those other wheels turned my brain toward “I LOVE MY LIFE” and it repeated all on it’s own until the lady was out of site and out of mind.

My point- that lady didn’t do anything to me. I did something to me. I let my own feelings of insecurity take off out of control just like my van wheels on a slippery road. My own self talk has the power to let me slide off into the ditch of despair and ugliness or to set up traction control that allows me to self-talk myself into blooming right where I’m planted.

It’s my choice to love my life and I have chosen to!!

God is good- all the time. . . . 40.gif


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