All Things Bright and Beautiful. . . .

All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all! 

For those of you who know this old hymn, I’m sure you can join me in singing it’s simple melody.  It’s a “stick with you all day” kind of tune!   But believe it or not, it came to mind when I was thinking about hunters and outdoorsmen!

The other day I sent some pictures out to family of our trip across Mackinac Bridge.  I pointed out how interesting it was that on the first day, there was barely any ice on the straits and by the 3rd day the ice was halfway across the Straits of Mackinac!  My cousin sent me a reply to my note expressing his true sentiments about the awesomeness of nature.   My cousin is an avid hunter and outdoorsman.

Then last night I happened to be up late and caught several minutes of a show called Outdoorsman International.   The host  travels internationally going on hunting trips and guided tours.  Last night’s episode he was in Africa.  He interviewed local leaders who explained how the money  he pays to hunt there helps their communities.   He filmed a native community as they processed a fresh elephant kill.  He himself was able to hunt and kill another African animal (I forget it’s name) and as they filmed him inspecting it he spoke of the beauty of the creature and the elegance of it’s design.

Now I’m sorry if my blog is offensive to anyone today.  If you don’t appreciate what good ethical hunters do for your environment, I’m sorry. 

My point in writing this article is not to promote hunting necessarily (although I will and do at any opportunity, despite the fact that I can’t do it myself).   I wanted to point out to you 2 avid outdoorsmen who truly love and respect God’s beautiful design.   Many people may believe that hunting is a horrible and gruesome activity but I beg to differ.  My cousin has hunted bears!  He’s no wimp by any means and yet he has stopped more times than just looking at my photos to notice the amazingness of  the artist’s canvas- God’s lanscape.  The host of that t.v. show not only pointed out the beauty of the creatures he hunted,  he helped the  people in the community he was in.  His first kill was given to the family of the guide, the money he paid was used locally, etc.

When you see a hunter being ethical, respectful, and in love with the nature that surrounds him/her, thank them! 

This blog article is dedicated to my brother’s memory and remembering his love for the hunt!  Happy Birthday, Tim!


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