Christmas Prep 101

I just returned home from a trip to the grocery store. 

My girlfriend, Au, has been sending out these emails every week since before Thanksgiving telling all us girlfriends what we should be doing each week to prepare for the big Christmas day.  But with a sick kid, a kid who pretended to be sick, orthodontist appts for the 3rd kid, a fall harvest that has turned into a winter harvest, and several funeral dinners- I am far behind- very far behind.   Don’t tell Au, but even though I teased her about her weekly prep emails and told her I didn’t read them- I did actually read them and she has it all together- she’s a Martha Stewart in the making I tell you!!!

Anyway, she sent an email last week daring us to make a final shopping list and then take our final shopping trip so we wouldn’t have to face the maddening crowds the week of Christmas.  Last night, I sat down with my baking wish list, my coupon binder, and a sheet of paper and I made a shopping list of any gifts I still needed, any special ingredients that I didn’t have on hand, and any convenience food that I should purchase for crazy days.  Today, mono kid and I went to town!  He went to Dollar Tree and bought some gifts for his brothers, parents, and grandparents. (Side note- our elementary school provides a “store” for elementary kids to shop at so the 2nd and 3rd born did their shopping there- I love that store at the school!)  And then I dropped him off with his grandma and grandma’s high speed internet and went to the grocery store. 

As I sit here typing, the cold foods are put away, the frozen pizza I bought for supper is being eaten, and the rest of it sits in a heap on the table in the kitchen.  But ya know what?  It feels good to have it done!!!  REALLY GOOD!!!

Now,  I should be able to settle in and finish up those few homemade gifts that aren’t completed yet and not have to think about when to go to the store next!  Mono kid has a dr. appt next week and so we can make a quick stop at the store then if I discover I forgot something otherwise it’s me and the house for the next 10 days!

My point is- when you read blogs, websites, and books that speak of all these planning steps and procedures to a stress free Christmas, don’t fret about being able to do every step they suggest (it really is merely a suggestion, ya know).  Don’t glance at their information and then laugh one of those big Santa jelly belly laughs either.  Pick one of their suggestions and do that one thing and see if you like it!! 

When Christmas is over, think about what you might want to do differently next year and jot it down and put it with your Thanksgiving decorations so you see the note before December hits!

Now, go paddle you kids behinds or put them in time out or whatever you do to them because I know that the time it took you to read this is the exact same amount of time it takes for children to turn into wild hyenas.  If you discipline them right now you’ll still have time to compose yourself before they do it again!  And- go ahead and threaten to cancel Christmas if you have to!  Make that pretend phone call to Santa and have that pretend conversation where he begs you to give them one more chance.  Give them a warm bath, a serious talking to, and listen to their prayers as they beg Jesus to tell Santa how sorry they are. . . . . . .

Then, on Christmas morning go ahead and let that one little tear leak out of the corner of your eye as you watch their little faces turn into angels as they open those awesome gifts!  Take the time for the tear because you know that as soon as the gifts are all unwrapped they morph back into the wild, crazy, obnoxious children that you’ve grown to tolerate. . . .

Merry Christmas, to all the moms out there!!!!

Seriously, Jesus came into this world tosave us and because of Him you can sleep well knowing that love is all around you.   Thanks be to God!


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