Happy Thanksgiving!

My Thankfulness list:

  1. My God, Father, Daddy, and King
  2. God’s book
  3. My children (even if my mind is gone after spending 11, 9, and 7 years with them!)
  4. My husband (even if what used to be cute now drives me insane! lol)
  5. My parents and in-laws
  6. My hair (even if it’s gray- not everyone has any)
  7. My home
  8. Our orphan kitten who now has a name- Sassy
  9. Our bazillion barn cats who never cease to entertain
  10. Our dog with an eating disorder- he can’t stop. . . . .
  11. Our chickens who provide green, blue, pink, and olive colored eggs
  12. Our farm life- even if it is nearly December and the corn is still in the field. . . .
  13. Our rabbits who are getting friendlier by the day and will probably be their friendliest when it’s time to put them in the freezer. . . . .)-:
  14. The river- which provides such a sense of peace and joy.
  15. 4-wheelers that I learned to drive this year for the very first time!  Love it!!!
  16. Health- we are not the healthiest family this year but we could be soooo much sicker and for that we are thankful
  17. Flush toilets- even if the upstairs toilet does “burp” into the downstairs toilet
  18. Fresh air
  19. A freezer full of food (even if 99% of it is turkey- we will not starve!)
  20. Fresh water
  21. The sunshine
  22. The rain
  23. Cotton candy clouds
  24. Peppermint Tea
  25. Coffee
  26. Coca Cola
  27. Reeses Peanut Butter cups
  28. 3-D movies (even if they do make me “car sick”- the boys loved their trip to the theater!)
  29. Leaves that change color in the fall
  30. Fresh mown hay
  31. Newly plowed earth
  32. Amber waves of grain
  33. The smell of the corn going through the grain dryer
  34. The sound of the grain falling into an empty bin
  35. The internet (even though we still have dial-up service)
  36. Cell phones
  37. The US post office that can get a greeting card  to a sick friend 60 miles away  in 24 hours
  38. My vehicle that can get me to the superstores in less than 20 min. when we need milk!
  39. Sliced bread (have you ever tried to slice your own?  It’s not that easy!)
  40. Natural peanut butter (love it!)
  41. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches
  42. Butterflies
  43. Dragonflies
  44. Baby birds
  45. Ramen Noodles (the boys can cook for themselves thanks to this invention!)
  46. Homemade salsa
  47. Creamy hot soup on a cold day
  48. Applebee’s (where friends meet)
  49. Olive Garden (where more friends meet)
  50. McDonald’s Playland
  51. Good doctors
  52. Good nurses
  53. Good books
  54. Hot cocoa
  55. Homemade Pizza after soccer practice on Thursdays (2nd born’s favorite day!)
  56. Fuzzy blankets in a cold bed.
  57. Bed sheets dried on the clothesline
  58. Toys that occupy young ‘uns
  59. Homemade Taco’s with homemade tortillas
  60. Good schools
  61. Good teachers
  62. Our church family
  63. Taco Bell- where you can feed a family and not go broke.
  64. Cheesecake
  65. Fuzzy mittens
  66. Snow balls
  67. Those beautiful mornings after freezing rain has touched all the trees in the neighborhood.
  68. Frosty mornings when the frost crystals have made beautiful designs on all the windows
  69. A beautiful place called earth
  70. Brand new socks
  71. My Harley Davidson boots (even if they don’t go with my personal style profile- lol)
  72. Crocs (they are ugly, but aren’t they the most comfortable things ever!???)
  73. Beanie Babies and boys who aren’t afraid to admit they love them!
  74. Little kitten paws that wake you from a nap by walking on your face
  75. Good orthodontists
  76. Good dentists
  77. The invention of the rubberband. . . . .
  78. Board games
  79. Bicycles and dads who take their boys on bike rides in the summer
  80. Ramps that provide hours of entertainment to wild and brave children
  81. Rootbeer floats
  82. Police officers who keep us safe
  83. Ice cold Mountain Dew on a hot day
  84. Lemonade
  85. Smores made with real Hershey chocolate bars
  86. Dollar Stores
  87. Medicine that tastes good
  88. Puffs with lotion tissues
  89. Toast with real butter
  90. Homemade muffins
  91. The smell of bacon (oh, actually just bacon. . . . )
  92. The 4-H fair
  93. Steak on the grill
  94. Corn on the cob
  95. Axe body products that make pre-teens smell like angels
  96. Game boys that provide fight-free entertainment in the car
  97. Silky hand lotion that makes your hands feel soooooo smooth
  98. Broken tools and electronics that the boys can tear apart and find out how they work
  99. The Lego Corporation (we should own stock. . . .)
  100. Friends- without them I’d go mad. . . . .



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One response to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Shar

    I love you ! I’m saving this list b/c it’s so precious and so YOU! Thank you for reminding me of all the things that we are to be thankful for. I thank God for YOU!

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