God answers prayers in the weirdest ways sometimes!

A few days ago the boys found 3 little kittens in the barn.  We knew that our 2 calicoes looked pregnant a while back, these kittens looked like the  normal litters for our “barn cat club”- 1 tiger, 1 black, and 1 tortoise calico.  The little kittens just cried and cried all the time.  The boys found a mother who appeared to be nursing and showed her the kittens and she growled at them.  Cats can be so moody so I told the boys to leave them alone and their mama would find them and feed them.  The second day, I brought the kittens to the house to feed because their bellies just weren’t very full and I put them in the pet taxi.  When the boys got home, I had them take them back to the barn still thinking their mother was down there.  They made them a nice spot with a towel and straw  in the pet taxi and left the door open for the mama.  I didn’t check on the kittens yesterday while the boys were at school- forgot.  The boys went to the barn yesterday and the kittens were laying on a soaking wet towel (it rained hard that night/day and the wind blew the rain into the barn, I’m sure).  Two of them were dead and the little calico was just screaming her little head off- the sound that comes from a tiny kitten who is cold and hungry is piercing!!!!  How the other animals in the barn didn’t kill her just for being annoying is beyond me. . .  .

So, in the house comes a crying #1 child, a very sad #2 child, a very informative and willing to remove the dead ones #3 child, and one screaming kitten. . ..   We fed the kitten and held her close but she just kept screaming, that glass shattering cry for mama.  We took turns carrying her around and I finally couldn’t take it anymore!  We put in her in the pet taxi and sat her near the register in the laundry room and turned the light off.  After awhile she fell asleep. . . . . but only for a short while.  So, we repeated and repeated until bedtime.  At bedtime, I gave her a wipe down, dried her off, put her to bed and went to bed myself. 

At 6:50 a.m. this morning that ear piercing scream woke me.   I fed her again and did some research online.  I read that orphaned kittens will cry when they are hungry or cold otherwise they will sleep and be quite content.  I then read that at 2-3 weeks of age they need 90^ temperatures and at 3-4 weeks of age they need 80^ temperatures!!!!!  She was in that cold barn with her dead siblings for only God knows how long!  She probably stayed alive by managing to get on top of the pile of kittens- her brothers probably saved her life!!!  Poor thing- she can’t get warm!!!  My mom suggested a warm water bottle (since we are not turning the thermostat on the rurnace up. . . .lol) and it helps. . .  . . .

Anyway, why am I telling you all this with a title about God answering prayer?  That 6:50 a.m. alarm clock!!!!!  I’ve been needing a reason to get out of bed earlier than I have been and the little kitten did it!!  Now 6:50 is not as early as I should be getting up but I realized that once I drag myself out of bed it’s so much easier to get started!  Thank you Jesus!!!  Even screaming kittens have a purpose!!

Now, if you’ll all pray that she warms up and stays that way, we would appreciate it. . . .  (-;

Update- its Feb. 21st and Sassy is still with us.  She never grew a winter coat so we have kept her in the house until spring.  She is named Sassy for a reason-  she fights with us, she plays “scare the human”, she climbs our legs and trunks like trees, and she only listens to the word “no” when it pleases her to do so.   She loves to go outdoors, even in the cold, so the boys and I made her a coat.  They take her outside at chore time each day and then make her come back in with them when they’re done.  She’s a cutey and a keeper!  We are hoping her adjustment to outdoor kitty will be an easy one come warmer temperatures.

Oh, and me?  I still hate getting up early. . . .


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