Consider it pure joy!!!

Forgive me for not having the exact reference in front of me.. . . one of my bff’s reminded me of this the other day and I had to share it!!!

Did you know it says in the Bible that we are to consider it pure joy when we have trials??   Before you go running to  the porcelain princess to bow and pay homage (thanks for the visual aid- A!) at the thought of being joyful during trials, stop and think for a moment. . . . .

First off, it says the word WHEN not the word IF.  God knows we have trials!  God knows we are going to have more trials!  God knows He is capable and willing to help us through those trials!!  That’s where the joy comes in!! 

Every time something stinking, stressful, painful, or just outrageously horrible comes knocking at your door, consider it a perfect excuse to seek more attention from you heavenly Father!!  You know exactly what I mean, you mom’s out there reading this. . . . .

When your kid has a bad dream- who do they come to for comfort?

When your kid falls off his bike- who do they come to for a bandaid?

When your kid gets made fun of at school- who do they vent to when they get home?

When the cat gets hit in the road- who comforts the kids and helps with the funeral?

The kids parents do all that don’t they!!!!!!  As a parent, being completely honest with yourself- you actually enjoy being asked to help with all those things don’t you. . . . put aside the middle of the night awakenings, the fighting with them to get the road burn cleaned up,  the wanting to call the parents of the neighborhood bully and do a little bullying of your own,  the digging with a shovel to reach the exact “6 foot under” for the burial service. . . . .   

When your kid has trials. . . . . . .you actually like to and want to comfort them and help them through it don’t you!!!!

Now, stretch that a little further. . . ..

You heavenly Dad made you in His image so if He made you to want to comfort your own children don’t you think that He will want to and enjoy comforting you?  

Ask Him today!  Let Him set you up on His lap and hug all the nasties of life right off your back!  He Loves You!!!  Yes YOU!!


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