Patricia Parker

My friends mom died on Friday.  I didn’t know mom well but I knew her well enough to be very sorry she is gone.   She was a “say it like it is” gal no matter what. . . . (makes me think a bit of myself, ya know?) 

Her cancer was an aggressive one.  If I remember right, she was first diagnosed early summer of this year and gone already.  Her symptoms started off  (I spoke with Pat in July) with an injury to her breast- she whacked a cabinet door into her breast and the bruise just wouldn’t go away. 

I’ m writing about her today to help myself mourn her loss but also to remind you: 

If you have a sore that won’t heal- badger your doctor until he/she gets you a real answer!!! 

If you have a funny feeling that something just isn’t right- badger your doctor until he/she gets you a real answer!!

Doctors should be able to find an answer or refer you to someone who can!

Pat’s life was a life lived for Jesus and for that I’m forever going to miss running into her in the grocery store and running into her at the Goodwill- buying things for her grandson. . . . .   A life lived for Jesus is all that matters in this world!


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