Just checking in to let any of you regulars know that my 1st born has been diagnosed with Mono and I have been pretty busy running to the doctor, lab, etc. lately.  My #2 kid is exhibiting similar symptoms and so I’m watching him as well. 

For those of you who are checking out this post wanting info on Mono, here it is:


First born complained of just not feeling well for a couple weeks nearly a month ago.  Football practice had started and he wasn’t able to keep up with the other kids, said it “hurt to breathe”.  I just figured he was not in as good of shape as he’d thought and that he probably inherited my lack of stamina so I let it go.  The first day of school, he had a hard time getting ready to go which isn’t like him on the first day but it was also his first day at the middle school so I thought he was nervous.  When I picked him up after football practice at 5:30, he was exhausted.  He also complained of pain on the side of his neck and a headache.  His coach expressed concern because first born wasn’t even able to complete warm-ups.  The second day of school, I kept him home and took him to the doctor.  He presented at the dr office with headache, temp of 101, extremely swollen gland on the side of his neck, and his “hurts to breathe” was actually an extremely red/infected throat.  The nurse practitioner diagnosed him with tonsillitis and an upper respiratory infection, prescribed Keflex (inexpensive antibiotic), and told him to rest and drink lots and he’d be ready for football again come Monday.  Over the weekend he vomited numerous times and complained of a stomach ache and head ache and even though the “hurts to breathe” complaint subsided he was just not recovering like he had in the past for similar ailments.  Monday came and I could not get him out of bed for school- he was whiny, cried at the drop of a hat,  still complained of headache and stomach ache.  We went back to the nurse practitioner and she checked him over again.  His throat was less red, his gland was less swollen, and the stomach ache/vomitting was probably from the antibiotics.  She assured us he was recovering, just not as quickly as we had hoped.  He went back to school that Tuesday.  Wednesday he went to school an hour late, just exhausted.  He did not practice football at all that week.  By Friday he seemed better.  He spent the night with a friend that night.  He came home pretty tired but I figured he probably stayed up all night with his buddy.  Sunday, we went to church as usual.   He came to soccer practice with 2nd born and watched that.  Monday he went to school pretty okay, still very whiny and crying over the littlest things.   I went to town that day and spent the day playing catch up on errands.  At 3:00, my cell phone rang.  It was the school nurse saying that first born had stayed after for football but now was not feeling well enough to participate.  Tuesday, he made it through school and went to the chiropractor with his dad.  He was just not himself though.  When he got home, he said his left side hurt him all day at school.  I decided that this was enough.  I researched on the internet, spoke with friends who’s children had mono and had determined in my head that he most likely had it.  He went to the doctor on Wed (this week).  Doctor did a physical exam of his abdomen, checked his testicles, listened to his lungs, looked at his throat, spoke with him about how school was going, etc.  and then ordered a blood test, urine test, and a cat scan of his abdomen and pelvis.  This was at 2:00.  By 5:30, all the tests were done and he had a diagnosis of Mono with an enlarged spleen.   Prescription for steroids to help the spleen recover and strict orders for no horse play or strenouos activities were given.

A word of advice for those going through this or something similar with your kid:  If you go to the hospital or lab for multiple tests, find out if the tests all will require giving blood or having something put into your vein.  If this is true, tell the first lab tech who works with you that you have multiple tests and what they are.  Ask that first lab tech to put /place an IV line  in the vein and leave it there until all the tests are completed.   This will keep you or your child from getting poked multiple times- they can draw blood from there and put medicine in from there.  

Wish me luck as we get the house disinfected, take all our vitamins, and help these boys recover!


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