Just a reminder. . . . .

All crazy children do not just live at your house. . . . . .they dwell here as well!!!    AND crazy, hectic, busy lives exsist here as well as there!!!

Friday– spend the day in town at dr. office and pharmacy to find out that my #1 son is really sick and not just tired from being out of shape and in football.  Missed my haircut appt.

Saturday– spend wee hours of the morning consoling “mr. puker” as he worships the porcelain god.  survive rest of day on 3 hours of sleep, constantly reminding the other boys to quit screaming, running , and having so much fun because they are bothering their brother.  Get #2 and #3 set up to use the victoria strainer on a small batch of tomatoes- yes they are 7 and 9 years old but they find this work fun and I don’t have time and the tomatoes need someone to take of them!!  Made small batch of tomato sauce!

Sunday– try to sleep in but can’t.  Wake up in time to console “mr. puker” one more time at the porcelain idol.  Try to clean house up a bit but am too tired to really accomplish much.  Take #2 son to soccer practice and listen to other soccer parents yackety yack yack yack (yawn).  Try to figure out how we are going to transport 9 very large turkeys and 6 ducks to the processing plant when the largest cage we have only holds 2. 

Sunday evening– magically “mr. puker” has recovered from the stomach portion of his bug and has moved on to the “moving phlegm” portion.  Hack and spit – hack and spit. . . . . . .   Ooh it’s bedtime!!  I think I’m feeling much better now!  Too good to go to bed.  Good enough to chase my brothers around the upstairs trying to put underwear on their heads!!!!  Oh, there is laundry to put away??  I think I’m still too sick to do that. . . . .  ooh, lets chase the brothers again!!

Don’t get me wrong- I am VERY thankful that “mr. puker” is feeling better.  I truly missed his sense of humor and his rude comments the 3 days he was “down for the count”.  But, why do children have to do that sudden recovery???  Can’t they gradually come around or warn us ahead of time that health and wellness will be here in 5, 4. . . . . . . ??????

Tomorrow????  You might wonder what I have on tap. . . . only a few things. . . . .

We are expecting an insulation guy on Tues. to come and inspect our entire home and audit where we need to improve our energy efficiency with insulation.  So, not only do I have to straighten up the entire part of the  sty we live in house that is normally seen by company but also the bedrooms and I really wish I had time to straighten the basement and attic but the guy is just gonna have to understand that we are pigs lead busy lives and just don’t have time for spotless housekeeping. 

Besides that I will also have to help husband place the portable chicken coop on the trailer and catch and put into the coop -that is now on a trailer- the 9 turkeys (that weigh between 20-40 lbs A PIECE!!) and 6 ducks.  I will have to do this shortly before I go pick up “mr. puker” from football and attend a meeting for football.  So, staying clean would be helpful but probably won’t happen. . . . .  I am praying that husband will take the turkeys and ducks to the processing plant himself while I shower and go to football. . . . . . 

Remember– the events in this blog are real.  They are not meant to scare you.  They are not meant for you to worry about the well-being of the residence in my home or the psychological health of this author.  These events are in this blog to remind you that your reality is not your own. . . . it is mine. . . .

You are normal!

You can do anything you set your mind to!

You are capable!

You are loved!

You are worthy!

You can do it!

I am proud of you!!!!!


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