Remember your first leather jacket?

Do you remember back to your teen years or before?  Do remember wanting something really badly and the parents saying, “no” over and over again and then one day deciding that you were old enough or “ready”?  I remember waiting and begging to get my ears pierced.  I remember waiting and begging to go to the mall with my friends and no parents.  But today, I remember waiting and begging for a leather jacket!!!   My husband had the same dream and eventually both of us high school sweethearts got that leather jacket.  His was a stressed brown leather flight jacket.  Mine, well, I wanted a biker jacket in white with fringed sleeves and zippers everywhere but mom thought that was too worldly for her daughter.  So, I settled for a nice textured leather bomber type leather jacket with a Thinsulate liner so I could wear it in all seasons- mom thought that would make it worth the money- more money than we had ever spent on a coat for me in the past!

Flash forward 20 years or so!  My 11 year old son is home from school sick today.  I took him to the doctor to find out that he had a throat infection and one hugely swollen gland on his neck.  Anyway, just a few days before today’s dr. trip he received $20 from his aunt for his birthday.   Since dr. said he could not go to school today, we took a few extra minutes to run some errands in town.  At one stop I had to use the restroom so I told him he could go see if they had any crocs to replace his that broke.  When I return from the restroom he tells me that he didn’t find any crocs but he did find something else.  He takes me to the kids clothing section and low and behold he is pointing out the cutest (err, excuse me mom’s say cute, kids say “cool”) coolest biker jacket!!!  It’s not leather, just vinyl but it’s only $15!!!  He tells me he wishes he had brought his birthday money along so he could buy that jacket.  He’s in the middle school this year and being cool is sooooo important.  So, I floated him a loan.  As soon as we got back to the car, he called his aunt to tell her about his purchase!  He is soooooo excited and I bet he is hoping for cool temperatures come Monday so he has an excuse to wear it to school! 

He’s such an angel- boy after my own heart (well, and his dad’s too! lol)


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