What’s On Tap this Week??

Just in case you feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed or just plain don’t know if anyone out there has a life like yours. . . . . here’s what I need to accomplish in the next several days:

So, do your week’s look similar to mine?

  • Today- pick up a few things in town, prep house for corn preservation, football practice
  • Tues- Freeze corn indoors instead of outside.  husband and his dad won’t be able to help this year so that means good ole mom will but we have to be in the air conditioning instead of under the shade tree- thankful for the help though!  Neighbor kid spending the day too
  • Wed-Laundry, prep for first day of school, football practice, meet the teachers in the elementary at the exact same time that we go to a mandatory meeting at the middle school (that’ll be interesting, I’m sure), neighbor kid spending the day again
  • Thur- FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!  Glory, Hallelujah!!!, office day, do a little baking, pick up kid from football
  • Fri- SECOND DAY OF SCHOOL!!!  Do a little happy dance that we survived the first day and have gotten kids on the bus again!, clean the barn, mow

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