Basic Weekly Plan

I finally found a website where I can fill in the calendar pages online and print out a calendar with my stuff already on it!   This got me thinking that I haven’t shared with you how I keep track of what to do when recently.  I do mention some organizing tips in my category “survival tips for moms of school age children”.  Feel free to click over their for some other things.

I used my janbrett calendar to write down the stuff that has to be done over and over.  Years ago, many moms did the same thing on the same day of the week every week.  Working moms, well, this doesn’t work so well.  I recommend you do a little of everything each day instead of focusing on one thing each day.  Me, however, I’m a stay-at-home mom.  I have this curse blessing  called spend all day every day with three tornadoes young men and keep them occupied.  Besides separating the young men from their fights every time I turn around, I do have to do some basic tasks in order to keep us all sane and the kids out of foster care (-;

If you read my previous post today, you will note that what I’m actually doing this week is not exactly how my plan is but here is my plan for the remainder of August, subject to change:

  • Sundays- church and soccer
  • Mon- office work, errand list, football
  • Tues- grocery day
  • Wed- laundry day, clean kitchen, football
  • Thur- baking day, football, soccer
  • Fri- clean barn day, yard work
  • Sat- a.m. is ME time and PM is catch up day (until football games start next month)

Like I said, it’s not exactly what’s on tap for this week.  The nice thing is that when it’s down on paper, if I have to do something on a different day than I have it scheduled for, I can look at my plan and remember that whatever that “thing” was needs to be put on another day.  My life is full of changes and disruptions, usually involving the husband calling and saying, “can you go to town and pick up blah, blah, and blah right away?”  However, my plan is wrote down so that when I get back home and say, “okay, where was I?” I can glance at my plan and say, “oh, yeah. . . I remember, today was. . . . . . ”


Oh, and one other thing about this- some people keep these “lists” in a 3-ring binder.  I put mine on the fridge near my monthly calendar with the entire family’s schedule on it.  I would lose the list and the binder if I used a binder. . . . .  I’d lose my head it if weren’t attached too. . . .


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