Grilled Corn on the Cob, Fresh Coleslaw, and Cold Meat Sandwiches

Here on the farm, the irrigation (second set) is coming along with help from a few friends and occasionally the irrigation crew shows up too.  We hired an unemployed neighbor who has been here all week and another friend showed up to “volunteer” today.  So, two extra guys meant a mad dash to straighten up the kitchen and make it presentable for guests while at the same time, cook a meal!!  Lovely. . . like a bee sting . . . . .

The Corn recipe is first and the Coleslaw is down further- scroll to find!

My #3 boy had determined that we would have grilled corn on the cob today come heatwave or snow. . . . . yesterday he prepared the corn and got it to soaking.  Here’s what you do!

12 hours ahead of time (preferable, but not absolute) or more. . . . .

Gather your fresh corn

Pull back the husk, one layer at a time but do NOT remove the husk from the end.  Carefully pull out as much silk (hair) as you can and discard that.

Check for any bad spots- cut them out if necessary.

Carefully pull the husk back up over the corn and place the corn in a bucket or tub.

When you have completed that for each ear, cover them with ice cold water and let them soak until tomorrow.

Tomorrow, at least 30 minutes before your meal, fire up the grill with a high flame or hot coals.

Drain your corn slightly, but not completely,  so it won’t put out your fire and place on grill. 

Turn your heat down to medium (or with charcoal, raise your grid)

Blacken the side closest to the heat, being careful not to catch the husk on fire (you can keep a squirt bottle of water handy or just smack any flames with a spatula)

Turn and repeat

Check for doneness.  I usually take a fork out there and get a kernel or two on my fork and taste it.  Some people say it’s done if the kernels squirts juice at you- this is not “for sure” though with grilled corn.  If they are not done, carefully turn the ears a quarter turn instead of all the way over and repeat, lowering the heat slightly.

Remove from heat,but not to table.  Carefully, pull husks back to stem and break stem off.  This can be too hot of a job for some people.  I hold the corn by the stem end and swing it in the air to cool it slightly before husking.  Serve with cold butter and salt and pepper or any of the neat and fancy grilled corn rubs that are out in all kinds of recipe sites.

Grilled corn does not taste the same as boiled corn.  Some kernels will blacken, some will brown.  The brown kernels are quite sweet and chewy.  Some may not cook completely.  It is wondeful!!


Cabbage (I’d say to use a half of head but the one I got from the neighbors is huge- like the size of 4 heads!!!- so a chunk about the size that two hands can hold- this will serve 6 or so)



Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip

Shred or chop fine or slice very thin- your cabbage.  Place it in a bowl and salt and pepper it generously.  Cabbage appears to be quite dry but it really isn’t.  The salt will help draw the moisture out and add flavor.

In a separate bowl, combine almost equal amounts sugar and mayo to form a grainy paste.  A little more mayo than sugar.  I’d start with a heaping scoop of mayo and a heaping spoon of sugar.

Stir this into the salted and peppered cabbage.  It may appear to be quite dry and you may be tempted to add more of the salad dressing but don’t- NOT YET!!!  Wait 5-10 minutes and stir it again.  If it still seems dry, add a little more dressing.  Some kind of reaction takes place with the ingredients and the salad dressing thins out.

If you like carrot or bell pepper in your cabbage, feel free to add some.  We like ours plain.


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