Pork Loin Sandwiches

Pork Loin is excellent meat!  Often times when you hear about someone fixing pork loin, it’s some fancy meal, not at our house!  Pork Loin is nearly considered a convenience food here!  It is the easiest hunk of meat to make into sandwiches on the face of the earth (my humble opinion!)

The one I made yesterday did come from the meat counter at the store but I bought it on clearance for less than $2/lb (remember that’s my rule- no meat for more than $2/lb) and it had been in my freezer.  Since the wrapper was froze fast to the meat, I did have to defrost it some before putting it into the oven.  But, basically a frozen loin was put in my dutch oven pan (it just fit. . . whew!)with the fat side up (fat up helps keep it moist).  I poured a cup or so of water in, salted and peppered well, put the lid on and popped it in the oven.  While I was getting ready for the day, it was at 450^ (for like an hour and a half).  When we got ready to leave for an appt, I turned it down to 200^.  We came home around noon and it was almost 180^ internal temperature (I have found that a meat thermometer is an invaluable kitchen tool- although my mother never used one!).  That’s an okay temp but for pork 185^ would be better, so I turned the oven back to 450^ while I prepared fresh corn on the cob and set the table.  By 12:30 it was done!  Removed that long hunk of meat to a cutting board, carefully scraped off the fat, and sliced it.  Pefect sandwich size pieces of meat!!  Perfect!

We prefer our meat plain but BBQ sauce would be an excellent compliment!

Also, any juice that is in the bottom of the pan must be saved (or you’re a lunatic).  Carefully pour it off into a container, leaving that  curdled, funky stuff (cooked blood)  in the pan the best you can (I have a really fine strainer that I use.  Cheese cloth also works.  OR you can just be careful, it won’t hurt you to eat it. . . ) Put that broth in the fridge for pork and noodles later in the week!!


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