“At home” vacations. . . .

Funny thing happened this summer, a multitude of farming responsibilities piled up and prohibited us from going on vacation!!

  1. Despite flooding earlier this year, we are now in a drought here and the irrigation system must be run and babysat. . . . .
  2. We have a grain bin getting built and although the company who is building it is quite capable, they need my husband’s help. . . . .
  3. We have our second irrigation system going up that should have been up by now but delays by the contractor have changed all that. . . . .
  4. Recent chin injury on my #3 kid has reduced his behavior to where he was 1 1/2 years ago.  Outbursts, inappropriate behavior, etc.  He’s not quite capable at this point to sit in a van for hours and then be expected to go to restaurants and visit relatives too.  That’s alot to ask right now.

So, I promised the boys we would do an at home vacation!  An at home vacation is a vacation that do in your back yard or within close proximity to your home.  It’s less expensive for those of you out of work or cutting back for other reasons and it’s doable for a country mom like me who doesn’t travel very far from home with 3 boys and not their father. . . . lol  If you need to plan one, think about the things in your community that are “touristy”.  Things that maybe you have never been to or things that you went once when you were a kid yourself but have never been back.  Pretend you are from another state and coming to your home town for vacation- what would you do as a tourist here?  Below is my list of “warm fuzzies” to get your mind thinking. . . . I know this is late in the summer season but, hey, this is when we go on vacation!

  1. Put up a tent in the backyard and let the kids play out there.
  2. Build a campfire in the backyard and cook a few meals on it.
  3. Go for a hike in the woods- if you don’t own property, get permission from someone who does- make sure to follow their rules and enjoy yourself!
  4. Go wading in a river or stream.
  5. Go swimming at a local lake or pool.
  6. Take a picnic lunch and spend a few hours at the kid’s favorite park or playground
  7. Locate an animal rescue or zoo in your area and go visit
  8. Take the kids to the animal shelter and volunteer to pet/play with the animals for a few hours.
  9. Are there any museums or historical sites in your area?  Find their open hours and go there for a visit- nothing like learning about your local history!
  10. Most libraries have special activities in the summer- check that out!
  11. State and county owned parks departments have wonderful parks with walking trails, educational buildings, and special programs going on all the time.
  12. Is there a water park or water slide in your vicinity?
  13. Go to the local farmers marke our “U Pick” place and enjoy!
  14. Is there a children’s hospital near you?  See if you and your kids can go and read stories to the children.
  15. Locate all the different churches and find out when their Vacation Bible School programs are- send the kids and enjoy yourself while they’re gone!
  16. Go to the movies.
  17. If there happens to be a Cabela’s store near you- go there and check out all the cool stuff!
  18. Invite all the neighborhood kids to meet you at the park or even invite them and their parents over for a cookout!
  19. Play soccer, baseball, frisbee, wiffle ball, etc in the back yard.
  20. Spend some time with the dog, teaching him new tricks.

Anybody else got some other ideas for at home vacations?  Let your creativity run wild!!!


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