A positive note . . . . .

Can I offer a piece of advice?  (I hope you said yes. . .  lol)  I am one of the MOST independent people I know, yet at the same time I tend to look at people in my life and rattle off in my brain all the ways he/she  isn’t doing their part or not meeting my needs.  Sometimes this gets me all out of focus and when it finally hits me I realize that I have made myself independent of God and dependent upon people.     I have to switch it around. . . . .
Being dependent on God to get our needs met does not mean that we are not capable.  It doesn’t mean that we need a crutch.  It means that we are learning to be what God wants us to be.  He wants us to find our true fulfillment in Him.  He wants us to look to Him for the “Atta Girls” and “Atta Boys”.  Learning to lean doesn’t mean “I can’t’ do it myself”, it means “I understand that God made me to need Him”.
When I was in H.S. my Child and Family/Home Ec teacher had us write down these letters on a piece of paper     IALAC   They stand for “I am lovable and capable”.  This is not profound, but yet it is!  Say it out loud when things are bad! 
I read a book by Tim Madigan about his relationship with Fred Rogers .  Tim and Fred would correspond often and Fred would sign his notes to Tim, IPOY (I’m proud of you).  This is another not profound but truly amazing phrase.  God is proud you !
Wake up to a new day tomorrow!  You can do it!!

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