Walk away but don’t get walked on. . . . .

Proverbs 14: 7  Escape quickly from the company of fools; they’re a waste of your time, a waste of your words.

Proverbs 14:9  The stupid ridicule right and wrong, but a moral life is a favored life.

Proverbs 23: 9  Don’t bother talking sense to fools; they’ll poke fun at your words.

Proverbs 13: 10 Arrogant Know-it-alls stir up discord, but wise men and women listen to each other’s counsel.


Do you have people in your life who just want to stir up trouble or who won’t listen to a word you sayor who chide your every move?  Proverbs is an excellent place to get reminded of what to focus on when dealing with these personality types. 

All of these verses tell you to walk away from folks who behave in these ways.  Stay away from them, avoid them, don’t waste your time.  None of these verses tell you to allow the arrogant, foolish, or stupid to take advantage of you or bend your personal boundaries.  God has given each of us a set of boundaries, the outer limits of what we should allow in our souls and what we should not.  If someone in your life is constantly trying to push your buttons, they are pushing your boundaries.  You can walk away without being walked all over.  It’s perfectly okay to say no when someone is trying to take advantage of you.  Saying no is not rude or self-seeking it is protecting of yourself from people and things that should be avoided.

If this is something that you struggle with, I recommend the book, Boundaries, by Cloud and Townsend

Dear Heavenly Father- Thank you for the wisdom found in Proverbs!  Thank you for teaching us to walk away.  Give each of the readers wisdom and strength to say no and know that you will be with them as they walk away to avoid being walked upon.  Thank you!  In Jesus name, amen


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