Freezer door won’t seal?

We had a bad seal on our freezer (the one on the refrigerator) a while back.  It had come loose in places and was a great collector of mold and ice but didn’t seal.  I called the manufacturer and ordered a new seal.  When we finally got around to actually putting  the new seal into place, quite some time had passed (months, yes, really. . . . . .)

We discovered when taking the seal out of it’s packaging that it was bent/kinked just a little.  The  instructions told us not to worry about such things.  The instructions said to use a blow dryer to warm up the rubber and all would be well.  We did this and it all seemed good!  My husband very carefully replaced the old seal with this new one and reattached the freezer door.  Hmm??  Kink was still present and right at the side where it opens too!  I used the blow dryer again, for quite some time and it seemed to pop back into place. 

Over time that exact spot started gaping again.  Ice started collecting and every few days I was scraping ice from the freezer just to keep the opening the same size so the door would at least go where it was supposed to.  We hated to put more money into another seal and my husband joked about putting a fastener of some type (probably one that used to be used to keep a pasture gate closed or a chicken coop latch LOL) on the door to keep it shut tight. 

I got tired of scraping ice one day and decided that perhaps duct tape would keep the door shut tight enough to force that seal against the opening of the freezer.  I got out about a 10 inch piece and pushed in on the door to make sure the seal was touching really good (squished, even).  I slapped that duct tape into place and for the last few weeks it has been our freezer latch!  Now, I know this sounds a little rednecky okay, a lot rednecky  but hey it was working and I’m sure saving our electricity bill quite a bit!!

My husband and I noticed something strange today. . . . . . The duct tape, that had been removed and replaced numerous times, was no longer very sticky but. . . . . . . .the door’s seal was now where it was supposed to be!!

Yet another miracle use for duct tape!  Praise the Lord!!!!


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