4-H Livestock Auction

I’m assuming that all or most 4-H organizations have an auction at the end of the fair or sometime.  My understanding of this is that businesses and families in the community purchase the animals from the kids at the auction.  A portion of that sale price goes back to the 4-H organization and the rest goes to the kid who showed the animal at the fair. 

This year, I noticed an increasing trend.  Buyers are spreading out their money!  Multiple buyers will go together and buy multiple animals.  This spreads out their buying power and benefits more kids.  I’m wondering if it doesn’t increase the total revenue of the auction some too. 

I like this concept a lot!

Our 4-H organization’s tradition is that the kids thank the buyers with some kind of gift.  Some thank the actual person who is at the auction doing the bidding and others thank the organization that person represented at a later date.  We do both in our family.  I provide bottled water and/or chocolate for the boys to deliver immediately to the actual person/s who won the auction and then later we make up some homemade goodies to thank the entire organization or business.  We try to find out approximately how many employees and make the gift appropriately sized for each business.

To give you some ideas for your own thank you gift-

Homemade cookies



Cinnamon Rolls

Tea Bags and Individual packets of instant coffee /cappucino


Gift Certificates to a local bakery/restaurant

Don’t forget to include a thank you note that is signed by the kid him/herself!  When they are in high school, they are capable of writing the note themselves as well!


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